Explainer videos & animation

Explainer videos & animations, the competitive advantage for companies

You want to arouse emotions and convey complex topics in a simple and understandable way? Then you should consider the possibilities offered by an explainer video or a video animation!

Whether large brand or small company, with an explainer video or animations you increase the attention of your visitors with lasting effect. Complex things are usually difficult to put into words or pictures and can be explained in an understandable way. This is where we start with explainer films, explainer videos and animations in order to convey abstract concepts and contexts in an understandable and playful way. We combine static content with explainer films to convey your products and services on the web with a lively dynamic. We pay attention to compatibility and optimal loading times in order to guarantee the highest possible benefit on all end devices.

We offer explainer films and animations as communication solutions for almost every application, service and product. It doesn't matter whether you want to enhance your website with an explainer film, plan an interactive application with an animation or need an image film for your trade fair.

Explainer videos & animation

The process:

1. Briefing

We discuss the type and length of the film, as well as the field of application. Furthermore, technologies are defined and schedules and tasks for implementation are planned.

2. Script

We provide you with a first rough script showing the paths and sequences. This script serves as a basis for discussion and will be finalized together with you.

3. Storyboard

Next, the storyboard is created to enable all participants (customer, graphic designer, copywriter, speaker, etc.) to visualize the idea in the form of a script.

4. Illustration und Animation

The individual scenes are now implemented graphically and the sequences animated. Now figures, objects and rooms take shape and are brought to life.

5. Voice Over

As soon as the animation sequences have been implemented, a speaker of his choice speaks the language file which is then placed over the animated film "Voice Over". The use of music or sound effects is also possible.

6. Completion and approval

Finally you see the finished film and can publish it after your approval.

An overview of the possibilities of explainer videos and animations:

  • Explainer films & animations for websites and web portals
  • Headers, banners and image animations for online and offline applications
  • Animation of 3D models e.g. for production paths and processes
  • Image films & image videos for online and offline applications
  • Product films & videos for digital catalogues or product descriptions
  • Trade fair and meeting presentations for products and services
  • virtual tours through rooms and production facilities
  • Event films & event videos and much more.

Thanks to the possibilities offered by explainer videos and animations, almost all system solutions can be implemented. The display can be done online from your web server or from CD/DVD or PDF documents.

In the following you see examples of already implemented explainer films that visualize complex processes and procedures in a simple way. All explanations and other animations can be viewed live on the website www.heycloud365.de. For further examples please contact us.