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Most frequently something is missed what one searches where it is not...

By application of conventional advertising forms like poster, TV, print, internet or radio advertising you appeal to your customers and target groups to create needs. On this occasion, the interest selects according to need, the success is depending on the distribution circle as well as the direct approach of your customer group (the „law of series“).

Search engine optimisation is different, as in this case your customers' need is already given and is searched by the direct inquiry in search engines for a relevant result on the respective needs. When the search results of the respective search inquiry (need) correspond and the needed information is delivered, a deal or a contact is very likely.

Only if your web offers appear on the foremost positions of the search engines, you can generate proper traffic and appeal to an extensive target group. Search engine optimisation is an effective way in internet marketing. With clear cost models and extensive results we can effectively bring your products and services to market and approach your target groups directly.

Search engines act upon mathematical paradigms (algorithms) to compile information. We can do a lot to adjust your web offers to search engine algorithms by search engine optimisation. In doing so, we enable your customers who are searching your products and services a quick location of your web pages. By optimisation of your web pages including all positive possibilities (ranking factors) your homepage can reach a high ranking in huge search engines, too. It is important that the optimisation is totally aligned to your web pages' content and is fulfilled according to directives (Guidelines) of the search engines.

The following aspects will be considered in ranking your homepage:

We optimised the head according to your products and services and therefore offer a more exact positioning in search engines or directories.

The side's description is an essential part, shown in the search result of search engines. In this case it is important to use describing and significant textual structures, to be considered in the huge pool of results.

The keywords will be generated to an optimum according to an exact analysis of your ranking. Competitors and keyword analyses are created editorially and therefore adapted on your web pages.

Alternative texts:
We adjust graphics with alternative texts, to be registered in the image search of tracing services.

Internal link structures:
We will link your contents internal to guarantee therefore keyword relevance and better indexing of your offers.

This is only a small extract from our knowledge which we could acquire in the last 9 years under constant observation of the ranking factors and search engine algorithms.

Our motto is: To understand search engines and to work with them instead of undertaking attempts to avoid the requirements by Spam or other questionable methods. As in real life, honesty is the best policy and results, which have been acquired, are great fun because of consistency.

We assume that you have entered this website by a search inquiry on search engines, too. We hope that we could satisfy your search inquiry with relevant information and are looking forward to your contact.

We offer you already proved and successful entry-level solutions for search engine optimisation, adjusted to the respective guidelines of several search engines. For further information, please follow the following links for search engine optimisation.

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