Search engine marketing

Qualified contacts with search engine marketing

More than 80% of German internet users search their way in the WWW via search engines. Search engine marketing means: contacting potential prospectives where your products or services have been searched. In terms of text or image ads, companies and organisations have the possibility to place selected keywords and keyword combinations in the form of pop-ups (commercials) on the respective search result pages. The respective campaigns are calculated with searching machines or link lists like Google, Yahoo, and MSN et al. after a successful click on the respective advert. The terms "Pay-per-Click" (PPC) and "Cost-per-Click" (CPC) are used as synonyms. The respective prices per click mostly consist according to the model. This means, the higher the demand and the competition, the higher the respective price per click is given. With this success-based concept it is possible to win proper visitors for your web pages and internet offers specifically and controlled.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is an efficient tool to develop new visitors and customer groups. Because of flexible cost planning and temporal advertising control it is possible to place your service or product optimally with clever-used searching machine marketing. Search engine marketing is also an effective sales channel which suits very well for supplement of existing marketing activities. We help you in choosing search engines and in placing your ads. Besides, we determine cost-effective keywords and keyword combinations for your branch and internet offers. We watch the development of your campaign and analyse the collected data. With the knowledge gained, it is possible to optimise your search engine marketing campaign and to increase the conversation rate. With your given data, like e.g. attendances, total budget or maximum costs for customer acquisition, we develop a concept for your individual search engine campaign. At any time, you have access to the developments and reports, in which all activities are splitted. This enables you to control your campaign as and when required.

Our services are:

  • Planning and consulting of search engine marketing
  • Selection of ad spaces
  • Creation of advertising campaigns and landing pages
  • Evaluation and research of keywords and keyword combinations
  • Optimisation of keywords and keyword combinations
  • Placing and control of your campaigns
  • Evaluation and optimisation of current campaigns
  • Reporting and analysis

With pleasure we also support you with the optimisation of already activated campaigns. In doing so, we determine new and relevant keywords which complement already selected keywords or substitute existing ones. Furthermore we have the possibility to distribute your budget efficiently and to determine the selection of suitable ad spaces. By the application of the most modern technologies we are able to optimise nearly every campaign in search engine marketing. We are gladly at your disposal for more information or a face-to-face meeting.