Internet marketing

Effective and specific internet marketing

There are hardly faster, more actual and more favorable advertising concepts like in the internet marketing. A direct sales approach allows an individualised and modern mode of communication which does not fall short of conventional advertising in any way. The advantages with a wide scattergun effect at low expenses turn internet marketing to the most important instruments as far as winning and maintenance of customers’ relations are concerned. Besides, internet marketing has the advantage that customer groups are advised to your offer directly and come from an already selected area. Therefore you profit from certified business contacts to generate direct sales conclusions from your internet projects. In doing so, the respective advertising environment as well as the opted advertising concept play an essential role to pursue successful internet marketing.

We help you creating your internet marketing campaign and offer you the most suitable media mix, co-ordinated on your budget and company. Extraordinary projects require extraordinary actions in internet marketing. The most important effect in internet marketing is the qualification of visitors with a target group aligned query augmentation of your offers.

Internet marketing

We offer you specific solutions with exact planning of your internet marketing advertising tactics. Along with realising your online campaign as well as evaluation and control we are available to you as a partner in every phase.

From content and graphic creation up to the choice and generation of the advertising media we create your personal Internet marketing campaign.

An extract of our service for you:

  • Targets and planning of your campaign, individually adjusted to you.
  • Target group aligned configuration and creation of your advertising material
  • Selection of online advertising concepts and media
  • Allocation and generation of target group specific addresses
  • Development of contents and advertising messages for your target group.
  • Response rate evaluation with reporting, statistics etc.

Our internet market tools are:

Crossmedia marketing

The combination of conventional and new media via various channels created in form and content and tied up lead the user specifically to your offer.

Search engine marketing

Specific and controllable SEM (Search engine marketing) measures for production of proper visitors for your internet projects via advertising entries in searching machines.

Search engine optimisation

Visitors via organic searching results from searching engines provide proper traffic with a high conversation rate to your internet offer.

Affiliate marketing

One of the most inexpensive and effective advertising channel in internet marketing with an unbeatable branding effect and a high scattergun effect.

Get yourself a personal Internet marketing campaign to reach a proper sales approach for your products and services, too.