Affiliate marketing

High scattergun effect and branding by affiliate programmes

Affiliate marketing (affiliate program) is a central distribution discipline in internet marketing. With this internet-based sales solution you allow to third web page operators to advertise sell your products and services on commission. The web page operators (called "publisher" or "affiliates") thereby integrate your predefined advertising material into their own internet projects for your program advertisement. Basically every affiliate program is based on the principle of a commission for the distributors. This means that you only distribute commission to the respective partners after completed promotion. The execution and the contact point between publisher and you as merchant (dealer) are formed by the affiliate network. The affiliate network allocates the necessary technology to you to measure the transactions and to manage advertising partner and commission payments. Metaphorically speaking, the publisher of the affiliate network system opens a virtual branch to sell your products and services.

Affiliate marketing

The participants in an affiliate programme are:

  • You as merchant or advertiser, to offer products and services
  • Webmaster or publishers who use your advertising material to sell your products on consignment
  • The affiliate networks which inherit tracking and accounting as an interface and make advertising material accessible for publishers
  • We as an agency who sees through your campaign, creates advertising material and is available as a contact person for the publisher

Any procurement is carried out by a link which contains a particular affiliate code. With the affiliate link, activities like orders, logins, downloads etc. can be registered and the allocated to the respective publisher. After finished transaction and your approval your distributor receives a commission share for the finished procurement. The most current commission models in affiliate marketing are: "Click", e.g. on a banner ad or a text link, "lead", filling in of forms or a login and "sale", the order of products or services. Commissions are paid only with an actual sales or measurable results. You have the advantage of clear costs and a high branding effect for your brands and products.

Your services are:

  • Examination of your products and services for affiliate marketing
  • Development of simple processes and order transactions on your web sites.
  • Selection of appropriate affiliate networks
  • Competitor analyses and planning of commission models
  • Creation and management of advertising material
  • Personal publishers' support
  • Planning and execution of specials
  • Tracking, performance and statistic evaluation

Used as online sales channel, affiliate marketing can offer you virtual sales partners without fixed costs, too. Important criteria for your campaign's success are competitive products and services combines with simple and order-friendly transaction with profitable commission models for your partners. The focus of our work is to invest in powerful sales networks. We help you choosing the affiliate networks and support you with your affiliate campaigns with proven remedies.