To realise the ideas and wishes of our customers in the internet, we use many different programming languages. Our solutions are based on a matrix of HTML pages. We choose the best solutions for your web presence in co-operation with you. Therefore we always draw attention the actual trends and developments in the world-wide-web as well as the behaviour of the internet users. We co-operate with programmers from all sectors and are able to implement individual programme scripts into your web projects. A large part of our developments is using "Open Source" systems which are defeated by the GPL license. Beside the advantage to be defeated by no limited license terms for advancement, "Open Source" has the advantage of a constant advancement and adaptation to the current requirements in the world-wide-web. Of course, we also offer the individual development and production of script and software solutions for nearly every application.

Every task is different and needs creative as well as methodic implementation for a maximum usability of the functional routines. We adapt processes to your business processes and help you with the seamless integration into the existing infrastructure. There is no limit to the possibilities, everything imaginable can be realised into a software solution with logical system architecture.


Our services apply to:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Database applications/connections
  • Individual software solutions
  • Internet portal applications
  • eCommerce applications
  • CRM and intranet systems

Our application programmes and software solutions


for short: „CMS“, enables you to manage your internet projects comfortably without programming effort. Registering and publishing of text and image information will become a piece of cake for your company, too.

Web applications

With innovative web applications and interactive data flows you offer an added value for your visitors and optimise your business processes. We support the development and realisation of your individual web application.

Shop software

By using the online shop software’s basket system it is possible to sell your products on the internet. Hence, existing markets can be extended and new customer groups can be developed.

Software development

We develop customised software solutions for online- and offline applications in your company. Besides, our sense of proportion is set on efficiency as well as optimisation of existing working processes.