Content Management System (CMS)

Maintain your website with ease!

Actuality of information and design are essential factors for a successful internet presence. To realise and adhere this had been connected with a great expenditure of time and costs in the past. With a Content Management System (CMS) you reduce costs as well as expenditure of time when developing and maintaining your websites. From now on you can set and edit contents into your web page yourself, update existing information and publish them immediately with images by point-and-click into the internet. In doing so, your corporate design will be adhered to, so that a consistent and harmonic publication is assured.

You do not need experiences in HTML or programming to handle a Content Management System. A CMS can be integrated in existing web appearances very easy. Therefore, existing web pages will become editable, like e.g.:

  • Job offers
  • News items
  • News updates
  • Offers
  • Current dates etc.

Content Management System

By modular user administration and definable assignment of user rights it is possible to involve several persons in a project. By doing so, an access to the offer section can be given, for example, to an employee of the marketing department, while an employee from the sales department disposes of the rights to change product descriptions or to attach even new products. The CMS admin has the possibility to fix rights and functions for a productive teamwork nearly for every field of action.

When choosing the content management systems we increasingly count on the use of "Open Source" systems, based on PHP/MySQL which is liable to the GPL license. These royalty-free available systems involve, beside the high developing progress by third persons and the not available license restrictions, the advantage of a constant advancement and alignment to the actual demands on the internet.

Advantages for users

  • Worldwide maintenance by multiple user via internet possible
  • Page maintenance is carried out with the browser
  • No software setup on the client processor
  • No HTML knowledge needed
  • No additional licence costs
  • Images can easily be loaded onto the server and integrated into the HTML pages
  • Low costs for implementation
  • Very low historical and follow-up costs.
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Plurilingualism
  • Search engine friendly structures

The CMS systems used are suitable for the development of complex internet and intranet applications, already tested and used several times in our customers' applications.

Furthermore we also use our own CMS product by request which was developed especially for the ease of use (Usability) and search engine friendliness. Here you can find further information on SEO-CMS.