Crossmedia marketing

Integrated communication in online and offline media

Barely another advertising concept has affected the market in the past like crossmedia marketing did. Internet, print, TV and promotion play clearly defined and co-ordinated roles; they complement one another because of their specific strengths. Furthermore, up to now unused synergy potentials can be realised by cross media. Consequently implemented, the income return of advertising expenses can be raised by cross media considerably. Multimedia and intermedia publishing opens new possibilities in marketing, advertising, distribution and service absolutely to gain and retain customers.

Crossmedia marketing

Consequently implemented, cross media will become the linchpin for the entire corporate communication. Use the conventional and "new media" for your company with us. Gain experiences on the internet and therewith a competitive advantage in your sector.

Our services apply to:

  • Conception and consulting
  • Project management
  • Website support and marketing
  • Competitions and Adgames
  • Adress generation / Address validation
  • Mailing, print & digital
  • Scripts and translations
  • Media planning / booking
  • Evaluations / statistics
  • Individiual promotion activities
  • Search engine marketing / Search engine optimisation
  • Affiliate marketing and program maintenance
  • Advertising for events and exhibitions
  • Interactive applications for web and data carriers.
  • Advertising material of all kinds

With pleasure, we create your personal, cross-media marketing plan and show you new possibilities with proven remedies. Based on a coherent communication concept the implementation in online and offline media is carried out. Tell us your requirements and goals, we will advise you gladly!