Web applications and scripts

Innovative and effective expansions for internet projects

Innovative web applications bond visitor onto your web pages in the long run and offer an interactive exchange of information and data in all conceivable forms. With databases and interface-supporting programming languages we are able to realise nearly every requirement as a digital web application for you. But even existing scripts and software solutions can be used for your existing or new developed projects. In doing so, we always adhere to the seamless integration into your infrastructure by observance of your corporate designs for a consistent appearance.

User-friendly interfaces and coherent data flows are essential for the optimal use of your application. We adhere to the web standards in consideration of the accessibility, to be able to present your web application to every end user faultlessly. The internet is nothing without interactive web applications as far as the exchange of information, the presentation or configuration of products and services as well as for the internal and external data exchange is concerned. Give your visitor, customer and employees access to innovative web applications and create therefore an added value for your company.

Web applications and scripts

A multitude of Content Management Systems already offer predefined web applications and scripts under the designation like modules, add-ons or extensions. We support you choosing and individually configuration and expanding the corresponding web software according to your requirements.

Some possibilities are:

  • Interactive image / video galleries
  • News and newsletter systems
  • Callback and live support messenger
  • Calendars and event systems
  • Interactive forms and surveys
  • Service and product configuration
  • Web 2.0 and community applications
  • Tracking and statistics systems
  • Advertising and affiliate program solutions
  • Data import and export ports
  • Password protected customer areas
  • Website full-text search
  • FAQ, wikis and lexica
  • Automatical sitemap etc.

During development and integration we are available to you as an experienced partner. There are no limits to your possibilities. With pleasure we extend your existing internet projects with innovative functions or plan new possibilities for internet projects to be developed.