Software development

Web engineering - intelligent development of internet applications

Up-to-date and innovative web projects require individual software developments, aligned to the conditions of the „world-wide-web“. The software development for intelligent internet applications combined with user-friendly frontend design is our work's key aspects. The application development's processes are designed to come up to your requirements and demands. Economic efficiency as well as rationalisation of your working processes and the optimum integration into your existing infrastructure is an essential factor for the success of your individual software solution. We develop and realise reasonable software solutions that align to your working progress, not vice versa. Elaborate internet applications create an added value for your visitors, clients and employees and complement one another as an effective tool in your company. As a creative mind and partner we are at your side, starting with consulting and conception to the technical realisation of your personal software application.

Software development

By using internet applications you enable nearly every user who disposes of a computer, browser and Internet connection, access to your web application. Because of the central storage of the data on web servers all people involved therefore have access to the inevitable data. Whether for internal workgroup solutions, for a data exchange and comparison in eCommerce or for the realisation of an innovative internet community: we offer powerful software technique and intelligent software solutions.

Our services apply to the development of:

  • Community and portal solutions
  • Information platforms
  • Information management systems
  • eCommerce systems and data processing
  • eLearning platforms
  • MS-based office solutions
  • Groupware and communication solutions
  • Intranet platforms
  • Configurators and generators
  • Data base programming and optimisation
  • Interface programming
  • Inventory control system
  • CRM system (Customer Relationship Management)
  • CMS systems (Content Management System) etc.

Development of a new frontend as well as integration in existing applications is, according to requirements, possible as well. In doing so, every solution will be configurated in a way that it perfectly suits to your existing infrastructure and applications. In the first step, you receive an approach according to your requirements and delineation (requirement definition). After resolving open issues and a common agreement, a specification (improved delineation) will be developed. From the information of your specification we are able to fix a cost estimate as well as an estimated operative time. For this purpose, we divide the development process into phases defined temporal and in content. Your individual software solution will be gradually accomplished. Meanwhile, we stay in firm contact to every partner involved during project progression to keep the development processes transparent.

The planning and development process:

Project definition

According to your ideas and requirements (delineation) a rough project analysis will take place, in which your goals are defined. Potentials as well as problems are clarified and possible approaches are given in a feasibility study.

Project fixation

According to the information developed and after clarification of all open issues the specification will be created in which all steps, functions and techniques used are defined. The workflows, schedules and cost plans result from this information.

Project order

The steps and data established from the specification will be used as foundation of the order. The project execution will begin after conclusion of a contract.

Project execution

The project execution will be carried out according to the previously defined steps and phases. You will always get access to the already developed modules and project sections. During the whole development phase we stay in firm contact to the client to be able to discover and realise problems and change requests on time.

Project close-out

The project result will be presented and handed over to you documented. After your testing and acceptance the systems will go live. In parallel, we offer the training and practice for project partners from your company.

We support you with high technical know-how and are available to you for a face-to-face meeting.